Tom Burley

Tom Burley

Former Postdoctoral Researcher

Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Tom studied his PhD in Cancer Biology at the Institute of Cancer Research, and obtained his undergraduate degree in Biomedicine from the University of East Anglia. Tom is currently a postdoctoral researcher investigating transcriptional and post-transcriptional changes facilitating chronic lymphocytic leukaemia migration with funding from Blood Cancer UK.

CLL cells were circulated through our novel circulation system lined with HUVEC endothelial cells for 48h. Some CLL cells migrated out of the circulation, through the pseudo-vessels into extravascular space on the other side. This is an electron microscopy photograph of the outside of a pseudo-vessel showing CLL cells that have migrated through. Differences between the CLL cells that migrate and those that don’t are being studied in order to identify mechanisms to prevent tumour cell trafficking and metastasis.

  • CLL
  • Transcriptomics
  • Cellular signalling
  • Molecular biology