Kinga Pénzes

Kinga Pénzes

Postdoctoral Researcher

Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Kinga completed her PhD at the Semmelweis University, Budapest, where she acquired skills in many different laboratory techniques such western blotting, cell proliferation/migration analysis, PLA assays, flow cytometry, 16S rDNA sequencing, BRET assays, PCR, RT-PCR, confocal microscopy etc. Furthermore, in her time as a PhD student, she also worked in collaboration with Vichem Chemie Ltd. on several cancer targeting projects.

In her career, Kinga has also worked for 3.5 years at the Max Planck Institute in Germany where she was involved in the research of RTK AXL as putative target for cancer treatment. She successfully published her data from this project and a new AXL inhibitor was patented for the future development.

Kinga will start her new position at BSMS in January 2024 and will work on a Blood Cancer UK funded project entitled ‘Using NF-kB ‘fingerprints to identify therapeutic vulnerabilities within subsets of B cell malignancies’.

  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia
  • Cell Signalling
  • Molecular Basis of Disease
  • Personalised Medicine